Tree Safety

Tree Safety

Objective Tree Consultancy can carry out ground level and aerial inspections of trees on any site in order to help identify any significant tree defects or disorders

We provide ground level visual assessments for individual or multiple trees in gardens, woodlands, parks and estates. We can offer support to any tree or landowners e.g.:

  • homeowners
  • schools, academies, colleges, universities
  • leisure facilities
  • housing associations,
  • property management companies
  • landowners / estates
  • Councils & Highway Managers

Objective Tree Consultancy can undertake aerial inspections either by rope access or using a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) where necessary.

Objective Tree Consultancy will:

  • take the time to discuss and understand the needs and concerns of our clients
  • provide an in depth understanding of tree risk management
  • use accepted risk assessment processes to inform decision making
  • provide the client with reassurance that they need only undertake only essential or beneficial tree works
  • provide tree work specifications with no contractor bias
  • ensure our clients are in a robust and defendable position, in the event of a tree failure

Feel free to contact us to talk through your needs and find out where we can help you.

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