Schools, Colleges & Universities

Schools, College & University

Educational facilities normally have a large volume of people entering, and remaining on the property for a sustained time period each day. This can include employees, students, visitors and other trades persons or support services etc. Trees can offer significant benefits to an educational facility, either for use in the curriculum, outdoor classrooms or for recreation, appearance and shelter.

Whilst the risks from trees to people are accepted as being low, any educational facility has duties to its staff under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for their safety. General duties also apply under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 & 1984 to persons who might visit the facility or access the property for other types of activity e.g. dog walkers, runners etc.

Objective Tree Consultancy can undertake tree surveys to ensure that trees within the property are not an unacceptable risk, and are maintained to provide the maximum benefit to users of the site. We also take the time to understand where issues might arise with the operational requirements of the site, and can help to provide cost effective tree management advice.

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