Private & Domestic

Do you live with trees? We believe that trees should enhance your quality of life, but this is not always the case. Trees can deliver many benefits to our environment and private spaces, providing character, shelter, conservation value and improve our general health and well-being. But where conflict arises…

Trees generally present a low risk of harm to people, but can still be a cause of concern for tree owners. As a tree owner you might be concerned not only for the safety or upkeep of your property, but for the safety of others. You may also want to undertake management of your trees and be unsure how to approach it. We can help you.

Objective Tree Consultancy can help to provide you with reassurance and confidence in managing the risks from trees. We can inspect your trees for safety and management, and provide you with clear and concise tree work specifications. This can help you seek quotes from tree work contractors. As we have no contractor bias, you only get the work done which needs to be done.

We can help with Tree Preservation Order applications, Conservation Area notifications and will liaise with the Local Council on your behalf where required.

Underpinning all our advice, is a desire to ensure that you enjoy where you live and benefit from your trees.

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