Trees are often a valuable and integral part of our community. Trees can help to bring people together and provide a sense of well-being to young and old.

At Objective Tree Consultancy we aim to support community groups, Parish and Town Councils at a local level to identify, secure, enhance and deliver the range of benefits trees can provide. This could include:

  • a simple plan of local trees for a tree trail
  • developing community orchards or woodlands
  • the planting of a single tree in a shared space

Where urban expansion poses a risk to the character of the local landscape we can provide advice on:

  • Neighbourhood Plans (to secure tree retention and new planting)
  • Assist with identifying trees which merit protection through the placement of Tree Preservation Orders

We are always happy to help on any scale of project and will actively with you to secure the benefits for everyone.

Contact us to see where we can help you.

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