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Formed in May 2017, Objective Tree Consultancy offers a flexible and direct approach to arboriculture, supporting and promoting the value of trees within our environment and communities. We pride ourselves on our realistic and objective assessment of trees, hedges and woodlands. Our outcomes are based on our experience in the field and the evidence we gather.

With over 25 years in the arboricultural industry, we have extensive experience in appraising planning applications (development), Tree Preservation Orders, tree management and specifications for tree works, tree safety and tree risk assessment. We have demonstrable experience in tree planting and tree establishment and adopt a right tree, right place approach to planting. We keep up to date on current and future pest and disease issues affecting our sylvan and urban environments so that we can help to promote and maintain a resilient landscape.

Our reports will always be as direct and concise as possible. Our aim is to provide you with the information you need and not just a volume of paperwork for the sake of it.

We are always happy to help, support and inform you on tree issues.

Above all Objective Tree Consultancy strives to provide an honest, professional and no-nonsense service to one and all.

Feel free to contact us to find out where we can help you.

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The Owner

Oliver Bennett is the owner of Objective Tree Consultancy. Oliver has always had an interest in trees, volunteering with the National Trust and British Trust for Conservation Volunteers whilst at school. Oliver attended Merrist Wood College in 1992 and completed the National Diploma in Arboriculture in 1995. Oliver worked in both the private and utility arboriculture sectors across southern England , but due to a significant injury in the work-place, was unable to continue to work commercially in the practical side of the industry.

Oliver joined Cornwall County Council in 1995 as a Forestry Officer, dealing with street and highway trees, protected trees and trees on Council property. Oliver was the lead Project Officer for the European funded Cornwall Landscape Project from 1996 – 2000, and was responsible for implementing the project objectives including the supply and planting of over 500,000 trees in small scale planting schemes, provision of landscape conservation grants e.g habitat management, orchard restoration, and advice to community groups and landowners.

Oliver re-joined Cornwall County Council in 2002 working as a Countryside Officer dealing with invasive plant species and site management, before becoming a Tree Officer in 2003. Oliver has led on many arboricultural issues in the council before making the leap to the private sector in June 2017.

Oliver undertook the Technicians Certificate in Arboriculture in 2005 attaining a distinction mark on completion. In the same year Oliver also undertook and attained the Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma in Arboriculture. Oliver is a Professional member of the Arboricultural Association and an Advanced user of Quantified Tree Risk Assessment. Oliver is an active member of the Cornwall Branch of the Arboricultural Association and the Royal Forestry Society.

Oliver has a keen interest in conservation, exotic plants and contemporary landscape design. A dedicated but amateur cyclist, plant collector and music fan, he now tries to find time for his growing family and all his interests, whilst being a positive advocate for trees.


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