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Soils and Roots

Airspade Services

Objective Tree Consultancy can provide a range of site investigation and soil management services – read more

Objective Tree Consultancy understands that in order to have healthy trees, they require a healthy soil environment in which to grow. Human activity can result in harm to the soil environment, and we offer a range of techniques to help identify, manage and improve soil conditions for trees.

Soil Compaction

This can result from pedestrian footfall, machine access or construction related activity causing harm to the soil structure. This may harm tree roots by preventing soil moisture from reaching or draining away from the rooting environment. Waste gases given off by tree roots may also not diffuse with the atmosphere, creating a toxic environment below ground.

Airspade in action - Objective Tree Consultancy
Objective Tree Consultancy can carry out a site assessment of the soil to measure the levels of compaction within the affected area. This allows us to target the areas for treatment so that we can be cost effective in our approach. Using our own air-spade we can mitigate the harm of compaction by:

  • Vertical mulching
  • Radial trenching
  • Soil decompaction

Combined with other soil treatments e.g. incorporation of bulky organic matter, composted woodchip, bio-char etc, the soil rooting environment can be improved and the harmful impacts of any damaging activity reduced.

Where sites are subject to planning enforcement action for a breach of planning control e.g. within a Tree Preservation Order, Conservation Area or construction site, we can work with you to address the issues and resolve the damage to satisfy the Local Planning Authority.

Site Investigation

No damage to tree roots using airspade - Objective Tree Consultancy
Using our own air-spade, we can investigate sites where development is being considered and tree roots may pose a constraint to development. Services can include:

• Root mapping
• Exposing underground barriers to root growth
• Service trench excavations
• Root collar exposure (due to surface level changes)

As part of our Tree Survey service, we can also carry out below ground investigations for specific types of root decay e.g. Meripilus giganteus and on exposed roots can use a decay detection micro-drill (Resi-F400) to establish the extent of decay

Natural Processes

Where possible, we try to introduce natural processes into site management for the rooting environment once any initial treatment has been applied. This can be as simple a woodchip mulch application (nutrient cycle), or the use of specific earthworms to naturally help manage and aerate the soil environment. Soil management can be as complex or as simple as it needs to be, our aim is to provide pragmatic and cost effective solutions to help your trees thrive.

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